Digital Security. Stranger Danger nowadays.



Stranger danger. When I was at primary school this term was coined to teach us about being safe in the community when strangers would approach you in person. Nowadays there is a whole new aspect to stranger danger. The new age predator, hacker or troll can prey on people from behind their computer screen. This is why digital security needs to the first thing we teach children before embarking on the internet.

I was interested to read an article in the NY times that had named some of the top passwords being 123456, qwerty,password,111111 and first names. Hacking is becoming more and more widespread, not with just big companies such as eBay but every day people. Teaching children the importance of having strong passwords can save them in the long run from potentially being hacked.

As a class activity with your guidance, have the children make there own outline on what it is to be safe online.Use websites such as Safety net Kids  (link here) as a guide. I also found a great video that students had made together about cyber safety within the classroom. What a great idea to explore the topic of online safety while learning different computer programs.



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